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1. Drive the Whiteface Mountain toll road. Walk the long, cool tunnel on a humid day to take the elevator to the summit, and watch as the sun begins to set. It’s a lazy man’s way to climb a High Peak.

2. Take a late afternoon ride, and stop for soft ice cream at a roadside stand.

3. Swim in the deep, crystal clear, cool pools of a mountain stream such as the Flume, Split Rock Falls, High Bridge or the slick rocks at the covered bridge in Jay.

4. Cast a fly to small, native brook trout on a cool, foliage-canopied mountain stream that cascades from pool to pool. Or twitch a ’hopper on a meandering, meadow brook to tease up a big one.

5. Visit the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake or The Wild Center in Tupper Lake. Include a picnic lunch at Bog River Falls or Buttermilk Falls.

6. Enjoy such local events of competition and tradition as the Tupper Lake Woodsmen’s Days, the Hanmer Guideboat Race, or the Lake Placid Horse Shows.

7. Spend at least one night camping by a lake shore, eating s’mores around a fire and listening to the frogs, crickets, loons, coyotes and owls. Fall asleep in the open air while watching the sky for shooting stars.

8. Ride a mountain bike along a forested trail. The Pine Pond trail from Averyville leads to the lovely, white-sand beach of a secluded, blue-water pond, while new trails in Wilmington skirt Flume Pool along the West Branch of the AuSable River.

9. Climb a mountain peak, go to the beach or do both at Ampersand Mountain and Middle Saranac Lake. Lay on your back at either location; watch the clouds and check for soaring hawks.

10. Take a scenic flight from the Lake Placid airport or a seaplane ride out of Long Lake or Inlet. The eagle’s-eye view is as delightful as any romp through the woods, waters and mountains below.

11. Visit any of the numerous area antique shops, rustic furniture builders, artisans or craft centers. Every small town has a few, whether painters, basket makers, stained-glass artisans or chainsaw sculptors.

12. Motor a throaty, old, mahogany boat down the lake in the crisp morning fog or at night, under a star-sprinkled sky when a wool blanket becomes mandatory gear.